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National Equipment Services

510 W.  400 N., Hyrum, UT

435-245-6047   Gwen@NatEquip.com

We are open Mon. - Fri. 8:00 am till 5:00 pm.

80 Years Combined Experience

Craig Thornley, our President, started this business 25 years ago after holding several impressive positions with E.A Miller and ConAgra. He served as the Maintenance Director, Plant Engineer, Aircraft Maintenance, and Construction Project Supervisor. He has a passion for heavy equipment and a knack for moving, repairing, and selling them. 

No great business could exist without the brains at the heart of the operation and our great brain is Gwen Palmer. There is much to be said about knowing and maintaining the ins and outs of a rewarding enterprise and Gwen simply Keeps Things Running. She has been here since the beginning. She has been, and still is paramount to the success of National Equipment Services.  

Repair and Service

Our Complete Repair and Service department will keep your equipment up and running because we have the staff, facilities, knowledge and equipment to get your needs handled. 

From vehicles to the largest earth moving equipment, we have done it all. And because we often purchase equipment to repair and resell, there really isn't much we haven't done.

Heavy Haul